March 2007 Meeting Minutes

! * March 13, 2007 Hollenback Community Garden Minutes 2007 is here! The garden is open! (Or will be soon!) REMINDER: THE FIRST WORK DAY IS SATURDAY, APRIL 14TH STARTING AT 11A.M. ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED! Composting Toilet Update: Our composting toilet is on hold with the city right now. So, in the interim, we’re going to have to be patient and plan for when we will finally be able to install it and free ourselves of the chemical toilet we currently use. The composting toilet will be awesome!!! WHOO HOO! In anticipation of its arrival, we’re going to have to do a bit of rearranging of some of the garden. There was a proposal to do the following: – Re-possess Roma’s plots (giving her nicer plots elsewhere). Move the water tank further toward the back of the garden. Put the composting toilet essentially where the water tank is now. The proposal passed. +++++ Working with P.S. 11 The garden was very excited about the prospect of working with PS11. More discussion is needed on how this will take shape, particularly with regards to keeping kids interested in the garden and dealing with their extended summer vacation. Some things to think about: What does the garden have to teach the children? (And teach them well…let them…oh, I’ll stop) Who is responsible for them? Do we want to give the school a bed to work with? What happens after June? ++++++ Food Waste Last season in the garden was very successful, especially in terms of food production. There were times, especially in August where we were producing more food than we were able to eat. We are currently looking at was of being more responsible about our potential in terms of food security , namely donating it to a local business/soup kitchen/other for their use. More discussion will be had at our next meeting. ++++++ We received $500 from the Independence Community Foundation. It will be used to build up the beds in the front of the fence. ++++++ R.I.P. Diseased Peach Tree. How we loved you so! ++++++ As of now, all of our new spaces have been taken. This includes a new space for Roma, a new space for Alice, and a new space for Hannah. ++++++ New Meeting Time To make sure that we have better attendance at our regularly scheduled monthly meetings, the garden decided to start an alternating meeting schedule system. The schedule is as follows: Thursday, April 19th – 7p.m. (TBD) Saturday, May 19th – 10:30a.m. (Garden) Thursday, June 21st – 7p.m. (TBD) Saturday, July 21st – 10:30a.m. (Garden) Thursday, August 23rd – 7p.m. (TBD) Saturday, September 22nd – 10:30a.m. (Garden) Now you can plan ahead! +++++++ Looking forward to seeing you all in the garden! See you Saturday, April 14th. Your trusted secretary, Mike D.


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