May 2008

Hollenback Community Garden

Meeting Notes from May 22nd Meeting

Pirate Andy’s Treasurer Report

Began year with $2537.46

$2434.46 in bank

$103 petty cash

Expenses thus far: $396

$75 Soil testing  (PS 11 and hollenback compost)

$50 Composting toilet solar panel consultation fee

$100 food for BBQ

$171 Composting toilet supplies

Money Received: $2227.00

$227 Dues

$2000 CCNYC Grant for new compost system

Current balance:  $4368.46

  -600.00 designated for future t-shirts

                 -2000.00  designated for new compost



Available money: $1768.46

Composting Consolidation Project

Charlie reported.  We’re moving forward with our plans to consolidate the compost between the toilet and rain-water harvester.  Charlie is currently explorer the costs of materials.  Strong candidates are cedar, plastic lumber, or some sort of common lumber. 

For the workday on June 28th, we will be clearing and re-grading the area in preparation of building the new bins.  6 bins will be put in on top of a new base of gravel w/ cement pavers.  In the interim, the cyclones will remain where they are until the new location is cleared and leveled. 

It was suggested that we contact I.C.E to see if we can get student volunteers to come share in some of the exciting labor involved in the project. 

Education Committee

The P.S.11 project is moving forward, if slowly.  We’re seeking more parent support to make sure the workdays are better attended.   Charlie has been working with the kids and the beds over at the school.  There is a LOT of enthusiasm from them.   Thus far, they’ve cleaned up the planting area and have 8 half-barrel planters in addition to two 8’x12’ beds. 


Designs (by Sarah and John Spinks) and pricing (by Nicole) continues.  Presentation to come!

Food Donation Coordination

Deema has been speaking with Dorothea at the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church soup kitchen.  As per the most recent email to the group, we’re underway with a food donation system.  Fresh greens are a popular item for donation! 

Bike/Walking Tours

Jon Crow is arranging a Green With Envy Walking Tour for Saturday, July 26th.  We’ll be on the tour!

BQLT Updates

BQLT desperately needs our support.  As an organization, they are trying to become a fully independent and well funded non-profit.  This is difficult work and if not done properly, the sanctuary that we have at Hollenback could well become threatened.  If you have the time and are interested in urban green space, you should consider stepping up and working more directly with BQLT as they make this transition.

BQLT Communications Committee Report 

Sarah P. reports that the first newsletter for BQLT has been produced.  Hooray!  It was part of the bylaws, the first-ever, and a very important step for BQLT.  They need stories (talk to Sarah) for upcoming issues and Nicole will be coordinating a website situation. 

Operations Committee Report –

Soil testing is going on across BQLT.  Wood chips are also being distributed to all of the gardens. 

Water Tank Beautification

We’re painting the water tank to look like… a caterpillar!  Ingrid, Vlada and Maria will be arranging a painting party in July.  Green Thumb will be donation the supplies.

Front South Common Area Clean Up

Judy Poehler is moving full speed ahead with a lovely project to beautify our shady seating area in the front of the garden to the left of the path.  Go Judy! 

The Gertrude Jefferson Memorial Herb Garden

We discussed the memorial herb garden.  Some planning is underway, but we are exploring how to make this a meaningful and long-lasting community and garden resource.  Suggestions have been made for putting in both medicinal and edible herbs and we’re likely not going to be building it in a raised bed, opting for a more natural mounded soil area.  Long term perennials will be planted and we’re going to be getting educational material to explain the various plantings.  Also, we’ll be pricing and possibly purchasing permanent signage (like the kind you’d see at a botanical garden).  In anticipation of cleaning the area up, we’re getting the soil tested. 

Membership Rules Document

All gardeners need to sign the new membership rules document and sign up for open hours.  Both are in the back in the green shed. 

Garden Duties That Allow You to Choose to be Exempt From Open Hours:

Water Barrel fillers

BQLT Committee members

And here ends my note-taking! 


Submitted by Secretary Mike Dimpfl


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