Compost Donations

The Hollenback Community Garden has been proud to offer our “Hollenback Gold” to the following community projects.


– Earlier in the 2007 season, through the coordination of the Trust for Public Land, we were able to bag and donate over 40 large sacks of compost to P.S. 130 in the Bronx for their community playground.

– We provided about a dozen wheel barrows full of our compost to replenish the soil in the ornamental beds in front of the library to The Friends of the Clinton Hill Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.

– We provided compost to amend the soil for the PS 11 School Garden project

– We provided our homegrown compost to the Green Ft. Greene Ft Greene/Clinton Hill Tree Planting Project

– We gave compost to the St. James Block Association for their block clean up

– We replenished the soil in the tree pits on Washington Avenue between Gates and Greene

– We sold 2/3 of a cubic yard to the Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Merchant’s Development Association for use in their Greenest Block in Brooklyn planters

– We sold compost to the Cedar Tree Garden on Greene Avenue


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