2009 Calendar

Hollenback Community Garden

Calendar for 2009



Meeting Locations:

Sat’s @ the garden (weather permitting)

Thur’s @ 459 Vanderbilt Ave btwn Gates and Green




Please come to a 3 hour shift during the day.







Sat April 4th (First Workday)

(Rainday: Sun. April 5th – Palm Sunday)




Thurs April 16th 7:00-9:00







Sun. May 3rd (Rainday: Sat. May 9th)  10:00-5:00

IF IT RAINS 5/9 WE WILL MEET ON 5/10, same time.  We know it’s Mother’s day, but we’ve still got work to do.  Also, feel free to bring your mom and show off the garden. 


Sat May 16th 11:00-1:00






 Thurs, May 28th 4:00-8:00 (Rainday: Thursday June 4th 4:00-8:00)  Help prepare the space for the new compost system.  We need people to level the ground and dig a drainage trench.




Sun June 14th 11:00-5:00 (Raindate: Sunday June 21st)  Help to prepare the ground for building.  We’ll be laying gravel and rubble for drainage, as well as pavers to keep the ground from getting muddy.

Thurs June 18th 7:00-9:00






Sat July 18th 11:00-1:00








Friday, July 24th at sundown (around 8:30 or 9)


Movie night in the Garden!


Snacks provided.



Thur Aug 20th 7:00-9:00







Sat Aug 22nd (Triple Threat clean up)

(Rainday: Sun Aug 23rd) 10:00-5:00





Sat Aug 29th Triple Threat (Rainday: Sun Aug: 30th) 11:00-late



Sat Sept 19th 11:00-1:00





Thur Oct 15th 7:00-9:00







Sat Oct 24th (Final Workday)

(Rainday: Sun Oct 25th)  10:00-5:00





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