June 2009


Hollenback Community Garden

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, June 19th, 2009

In attendance:

Mark, Cara, Emerson, Naciem, Tony, Cassandra, Alana, Roma, Ruth, Alice, Greg, Pete, Suzanne, Jennifer, John, Val, Carolyn, Yodit, Lorne, Cody, Gina, Joe, Hannah, Sarah, Deema, Judy, Frank, Pat G., Charlie, Michael M., Stephanie 

Ice Breaker: What skill/talent that you do not currently have would you like to have?

Mark: to be a con man

Cara: to speak every language

Emerson: to play the piano

Naciem: to do construction work

Tony: to make money

Cassandra: to garden

Greg: to telemark ski

Pete: to be a comedian

Val: enlightenment

Jennifer: painting

Suzanne: trapeze

Hannah: to be a dancer

Gina: to sew

Lorne: to hold 2 babies at once

Sarah: to sing like an angel

Deema: to play piano, trumpet, saxophone

Judy: computer literacy

Frank: to sculpt

Stephanie: to sing

Pat: to play the cello and piano more proficiently

Michael: to be a master of electrical systems

Carolyn: to have a great memory for facts

Apprentice Waitlist Lottery

At the meeting we had our annual apprentice waitlist lottery.


Compost, Common Area and Event Action Groups 

The bulk of the meeting had the membership present break up into three different focus groups, Compost, Common Areas and Events.  

The Compost group (Cara, Sarah, Pete, Greg, Charlie, Naciem) talked about our continuing community composting project – the design and materials of the new bins, and the workday timeline

The Common Area group (Deema, Lorne, Cody, Frank, Gina, Pat, Mark, Judy, Carolyn, Alice, Val, Michael, Joe, John) brainstormed  potential ways to develop the common areas 

The Events group (Stephanie, Suzanne, Roma, Jennifer, Emerson, Yodit, Cassandra, Tony, Alana, Hannah, Ruth) worked out some plans for events in the garden this summer – a movie night, the Triple Threat, a Halloween event, a winter fundraiser, and a gardener cocktail party. 


respectfully submitted by Mark Trushkowsky


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