March 2010

Meeting Minutes


March 21, 2010

11-1:00 pm @ 459 Vanderbilt Ave.


In attendance: (31 members!!) Cara Montague, Charlie Bayrer, Michael Mattock, Valerie Williams, Rachel Berkowitz, Jennifer Rubain, Cody Healey-Connelly, Elizabeth Dwoskin, Judy Poehler, Pat Gatherer, Carmen White, Gina Arias, Laurena Covington, Lon Kaiser, Melissa Gable, Maggie Williams, Hannah Arnett, Dana Guyet, Greg Merryweather, Deema Bayrakdar, Ruth Curry, Rachel Sousa, Emerson Atkins, Mohamed Jbarah, Adam Jbarah, Lorne, Ally (Emmet, Dahlia), Frank Boccarde, Carolyn Silveira, Joseph Konig, Mark Trushkowsky, Kirk Montague 



☼Icebreaker Interviews: Turn to the person next to you, and ask them 2-3 questions.  Then introduce your partner to the garden.

                        Why did you join the garden?

                        What is one way the garden has impacted your life?

                        Why are community gardens important?

                        What are your hopes and dreams for the season?

                        What vegetable do you most resemble?

                        What and where is the most beautiful tree/flower you have ever seen?   


☼Gardener Updates

     Mike Dimpfl- Going to grad school in Syracuse

     Andy Rauchberg- Leaving the garden to spend more time with family

     Chad and Mariana- Leaving the garden

     David Meissner- Moved to Colorado to teach

     John and Andrea- Leaving the garden, but still around the neighborhood, and will visit us often


     Stephanie McDade- Taking a one year leave of absence to work on renovating her new house in Lefferts Gardens.


☼Plot Distribution

     John Ryan is moving to a new plot.  Maggie is staying in their old plot, and will be joined by Melissa Gable.  

     Ingrid and Alice are turning over their plots.

     Apprentices getting plots this year: Gina, Cody, Greg, Val, Cassandra and Tony, Rachel Berkowitz and Dana Guyet.




            Proposed Budget for 2010

                        Based on an estimated income of $800 in dues for 2010.





Garden/Office Supplies


Total =


     Budget was approved.  Additional expenses for special projects, such as paving a common area, will be assessed and funds will be voted on separately. 


☼Herb Garden Plant-luck- 

The garden is designing a memorial herb garden.  Cara proposed that once the design is complete, we will send out a list of plants that we would like for the herb garden, such as 4 basil plants, 2 lavenders, 2 oreganos, 3 chives, and ask for people to sign up to bring a plant from the list for the planting day.

The Plant-luck plan was approved.  Volunteers for the design committee are: Cara, Lon, Judy, Melissa, Kirk and Claire.

It was requested that the committee consider using a wagon wheel in the design.





     Calendar was approved.  See Sidebar for details.

     New to calendar this year is the Plant-luck and 2 Walk-Abouts.  The Walk-Abouts are an informal gathering of gardeners who come together at a set time to walk about the garden and share what they know about gardening.  They will look at what they are growing in their plots, explore the common areas and give advice and feedback on what they see.

☼Open Hours-

     New Open Hours were approved. 

     Posted open hours will be:  Thurs 6-8, Sat 2-6, Sun 10-12, 2-6

     There will be an additional open hour that will not be posted on our gate, but which gardeners can sign up for to count as their open hour shift.  This will be Tues 4-6.

☼Suggestion Box

     The garden will have a suggestion box in the shed.  Suggestions will be read and discussed at the next garden meeting.

☼ Food Measurement Team

     Mark proposed starting a Food Measurement program to help the garden study how much food it grows each season.  Participation is voluntary by gardeners and requires them to weigh how much food they harvest from their plots.  Details will be worked out in the future and involve getting a hanging scale to have in the garden.



☼ Social Events Team- Hannah, Suzanna, Deema, Gina

☼ Water Barrel Key Masters- Carmen, Emerson, Val, Greg

☼ Rainwater Harvester Maintenance- Ruth

☼ Apprentice Plot Coordinator- Rachel Sousa

☼ Scrapbooker (Brag Book)- Kirk



First Workday

Sat April 10th10:00-5:00

Raindate: Sun April 11th


Next Meeting

Wed April 21st 7:00-9:00



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