2010 Calendar

Hollenback Community Garden

General Calendar & Event Information 


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Membership Meetings

Location: Saturday’s – In the garden, weather permitting. Weekday’s – TBA. 


  • To keep your plot, you need to attend 4 membership meetings during the season. 
  • Attendance at certain events may substitute for membership meeting attendance.  Contact Steering Committee for additional information.


Work Days

Location:  In the garden


  • To keep your plot you need to attend 4 during the season.
  • Additional workdays may be added as needed.  Contact Steering Committee for additional information.


Special Events

Location: In the Garden


  • Herb Garden Plant-luck 

The garden has a memorial herb garden. Once a year, we will send out a list of plants that we would like for the herb garden, such as 4 basil plants, 2 lavenders, 2 oregano, 3 chives, and ask for people to sign up to bring a plant from the list for the planting day.


  • Walk-About 

An informal gathering of gardeners who come together at a set time to walk about the garden and share what they know about gardening.  They look at what they are growing in their plots, explore the common areas and give advice and feedback on what they see.  


  • Full Moon Soiree

An evening garden party under the light of a late summer full moon. Open to garden members and their friends only.            


  • Triple Threat 

Our annual BBQ, Bake Sale, Stoop Sale Extravaganza!!!



Contact Us for More Information: 



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2008 Calendar



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