April 2011 Minutes



Membership Meeting Agenda

April 26, 2011



20 second activity – In 20 seconds introduce yourself in any way you want!




•       New structure: Email/calendar

◦     hollenbackcommunitygarden@gmail.com



Reviewed that new email is active

wiki pages updated; calendar and open  hours info available

•       Season calendar

◦     Open hour schedule and sign up process

◦     Review work day/meeting schedule



Suggested that same open hour schedule be maintained; partnering for sessions so no one is alone; tues 4-6; Thurs 6-8; Sat/Sun

•       Meeting locations

◦     PM meetings- Member home (when available)

◦     Other ideas???

◦     AM meetings – In garden (Raindates to be discussed)



Those present felt that using library for Sat meetings as rain option is better than raindate; Hannah will check into reserving space

For evening meetings check with Heather on use of her home; Teen Challenge as an option?

•       BQLT

◦     Members needed to attend meetings – Get involved! Become more garden community aware!

◦     Meeting attendance counts as garden meeting

◦     Hannah – Point person

◦     Review schedule



Encouraged members to get involved and attend meetings; need presence in order to influence decisions that affect our garden; contact Hannah or Emerson for more information

•       Membership requirements

◦     Review as FYI- please review detailed version on wikipage

▪     1 open hour per month

▪     4 meetings in the season

▪     4 work days (3 hr minimum shift)

▪     plant plot by June 15th

◦     Questions?

◦     Reminder- All docs available on our Wikipage



Reminder of dues to be paid by June 15th




•       Guerilla Gardening interviews with University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources Vienna

•       Bee hive opportunity



Tony will send email to members about GG request

A local resident wants to put a bee hive in the garden; not clear how the garden/community would be involved- would it be “his” hive and just using space? how interested in the garden is he and what would be be required to do- full membership? Noted that having a hive can be an issue with school location; Will invite him to meet and discuss with members at a monthly scheduled meeting.




•       Purchase of loppers for the garden. Would the members agree to spending approx. $100 on a good new pair? And, how can we effectively control the use and security of our investment?  http://www.felcostore.com/order/f21?referer=loppers

◦     all at meeting were in favor of purchase



•       Suggestions from group on what plants to buy this year? Budget approved for this at last mtg.  Also, who would like to go to a Long Island Nursery with Marisa (and maybe Claire) to purchase these?

◦     will share date via email so members can participate


•       Who can volunteer to go to the GreenThumb Plant Starts Giveaway:  Sat 30 April?

◦     Will send email to all members requesting assistance (Joe attended)


•       Who wants their raised bed rebuilt? How will cost be covered ($12/plank)?

◦     Members present agreed for garden to pay for wood; use survey to get more feedback


•        Formation of Social Activity Committee – Suzanne (Point person)



•       Formation of Common/Social Area Committee – Deema (Point person?)


•       Plans to use funds to create permanent signs- Compost and other areas

◦     get costs and bring to future meeting


•       Member assignments: Opportunities to get involved

◦     Water barrels

◦     Assist members with plots

◦     Compost work shops

◦     Maintenance of common areas

◦     Trash

◦     Welcome garden/sunny garden area



Carmen- will continue to be on water committee

Emerson- was on committee, can he continue?



•       Review current balance

•       Collect dues- sliding scale $10-$50 by June 15th

•       Request purchase of Quickbooks

◦     Suggestion that there are free options for this software that will suit our needs






Next Membership meeting

Saturday, May 21st @ 12pm (Steering Committee meets @ 11am)

location: Hollenback


Next Workday

Saturday, May 21st @ 1pm-6pm (after meeting)



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