June 2011 Minutes


Hollenback Community Garden

Membership Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2011



•   please use hollenbackcommunitygarden@gmail.com for all garden business to be sure that message can be accessed by both co-presidents and other steering committee members will be able to view and respond.

•   Week day Meetings: 7PM in garden;

•   rain location: home of Heather Parlier,


57 South Oxford Street (between Lafayette and Dekalb)

•   Saturday meetings no rain location currently

•   Wikipage

•   Issues with online open hours sign up- we are working on issue

•   Please fill out open hour sheet legibly

•   email us your hours if you can’t access online; or

•   sign up in binder

•   reminder: general updates will be posted as announcements

•   Harvest tracking

•   We can do this again for the season

•   review forms/sign up members who want to track

•   Deema, Mark, Cody, Dana, Joe and Tony expressed interest

◦                    new forms will be in binder in toilet


•   Garden key distribution

•   distribution/tracking with Claire at work day



Subcommittee Updates

•   Space Committee: Deema (see details at end of minutes)

•   Deema to send Google doc to group for ground cover suggestions.  Vote on 6/29. Space is approx 23/x18

•   Open to suggestions on soil source and depth.  Could do project over 4 different workdays in July/August.

•   Compost Committee update (Marisa)

•   Successful workshop on 6/11.  Fresh compost available in 4th bin

•   please help people to chop greens when difficult

•   Opportunity to put Hollenback on the compost map.  Group approved (with one abstention)

•   on 7/13 there will be a potluck meeting at Brooklyn Botanical Garden




•   Open Hours

•   initial in binder that you attended/completed

•   Remember to complete tasks: trash; watering; weeding

•   Weeding and watering of public space = welcome/sunny/shade gardens; common areas

•   Part of the duties, along with meet and greet, is taking out the trash.  Trash


schedule is in the green binder.  (After 5pm: Sundays, Tuesdays and                         Thursdays. Recycling: Thursdays)

•   Extra week day time session requested- select day/time

•   Hose procedures

•   Please do not leave hose lying in pathway

•   It should be dragged the full length of path so it does not block walkway

•   spigot on rain water harvester broken; use water so we can replace it when close to empty

•   Plot rebuilding

•   Update on plan for fall

•   Details to be provided during the season; operations will do cost/benefit analysis

•   Many plots need to be rebuilt (12-15).  Could rebuild 5/day on average

•   Should consider staggering rebuilding of plots so that they don’t need to rebuilt all at once every 2-3 years.

•   Cedar lasts longer/costs more

•   HBCG received $300 grant toward project – must complete by 10/15

•   Tool/supply purchase- 2 clippers now in shed. PLEASE RETURN WHEN DONE

•   Opportunities to get involved. Join the team!

•   Water Barrels – Frank, Joe and Carmen are the committee.  Apprentices can help.

•   Herb garden plant luck- Heather P will coordinate via e-mail. Sunday 6/26; she will email for participation

•   Weed guide activity- dispose of weeds in regular trash to avoid reproduction

•   Common Plot areas: Frank requested that members take care of the space around their plots; keep path clear, etc




•   Review/update information on membership list for accuracy

•   New plot lottery- will be held at July meeting

•   Membership responsibilities

•   Dues  – must be paid by June 15 – extended to allow to mail by June 18

•   Planting deadline- June 15th

•   status of member responsibilities will be shared over course of season




•   Current balance – $4,923.46

•   2011 dues paid (prior to meeting): $140.



Space committee details: questions/suggestions

•   soil- where to get/how much

•   plants- where to purchase

•   4 work days to get completed

•   will maintain benches/seating area

•   maybe do tarp cover

•   Possibly add earth oven, and/or hammock to common area

•   need to determine budget

•   Marisa can help with gravel assessment

•   set pavers to determine soil amount

•   use of slate- determine how much we have




Upcoming Events:


Next  Meeting

Saturday, July 16th @ 11AM – 12PM

Location: Garden (rain location TBD)


Next Workday

Saturday, June 18th @ 10am-6pm

Location: Garden


Next Compost Workshop

Thursday July 14th @ 6PM

location: Garden


Plant luck work day June 26, 2011- at garden 10AM-1PMJune 2011 minutes Meeting Minutes



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