Hollenback March 18 Minutes

Hollenback Community Garden Season 2017
Membership Meeting Notes, March 18, 2017, at Clinton Hill Library

18 ppl attended

1. Introduction: People introduced, meet your neighbor and say something about them.

2. Welcome new folks! One new member, a dozen new inquiries online. We’ll save the ‘History of Hollenback’ talk until the April meeting.

3. Bylaws: We passed new bylaws at the end of the 2016 season. We must all sign the new bylaws at the April meeting, and turn it in to the Membership Coordinator. New rules loosely translate: 3 Meetings + 3 Workdays + 4 Open Hours (2 hr sessions)

4. Ops Report: Damian (was sick) is in charge, will let us know scheduled workdays after ice and snow melts. He intends to finish up the Back Lot Project before the main season starts, finishing adding siding to the shed, and making lockable doors.

5. Treasury: Josh. We are in decent shape, with $1300 in coffers, $400 of which was raised at Harvest Fest, thanks to good participation. Dues on a sliding scale of $10-50 are due by  June 15, 2017, via cash, PayPal or sent to our gmail address.

6. BQLT: Yoni represents us within Brooklyn-Queens Land Trust, which now has 36 gardens. They are hold a big Grow NY event in the Bronx at Hostas this month. BQLT is also holding their biannual elections in May. They are working with the city to turn on the water hookup, after threat of frost is past.

7. Events: Alicia/Winnie. Focus on events: Spring event, Full Moon Soiree, Harvest Fest, plus educational talks, and events for kids. April 4- Azura Goakan Japanese school kids are coming back for another tour.

8. Steering Committee: After 2 years as a member, you should volunteer for a chair position on the Steering Committee. It’s a 2-year tern, with an older member grooming a newer member to take over, so there is always overlap and not all new members. Share the work. Steering Committee members get Open Hours credits. We have to vote on new Committee Members.  Quorum is 3/4 of full members, and 2/3 of a quorum passes a proposal. But only need quorum for projects in excess of $250, or lasting longer than 3 months. If there is not a quorum at the meeting, we can vote via email or phone.

Today, we voted on some new Steering Committee Members. Current leadership is as follows:

2 Co-Presidents: BOTH SEATS OPEN
2 Ops Members: Damian/Peter/Robin half season
2 Membership Coordinators: Shana/Clara
2 Events Coordinators: Alicia/Winnie
Treasurer: Joshn
BQLT Rep/Community Liaison: Y
Compost Committee: Ernesto
Water Committee: Emerson/Joyce/Shana

9. The Plottery: Assigned plots based on seniority, and number draw from last season
Old members relocated:

Y moves to Gregor’s plot/ Shana moves to Hila’s plot/ Josh moves to Spencer’s plot
New members choose plots:
Shannon-Nancy/Edna’s old plot
Ernesto-Cody’s old plot
Sara/Robert-Susana’s old plot
Sasha-Josh’s old plot
Clara-Frank’s old plot
Alex M.-Mark’s old plot
Andrea-Shana’s old plot
Sarah B-Under the apple tree plot
Peter-Kurt’s old plot


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