Notes from Meeting, May 21 2107

Hollenback Garden Meeting Notes May 21, 2017

18 PPL attend meeting/workday in garden

·      Intro: Who are you and what are you growing?


·      Workday plans to rehab plots with wood from Big Reuse

·      Resolve tree: Joe talked to BBG, Parks, Devlopers, no one wanted tree. Nothing worked out yet, but tree uprooted and placed in can with dirt

·      Weed entrances, esp thin out milkweed. Sara leads this.

·      Rachel is moving tomato volunteers to other areas, including Kids Plot

·      Ernesto and Joe turning compost over

·      Tomorrow in Staten Island: Shana says Compost Give-Back, free 40 lb. bags of compost to pick up. Workday credits. Josh says we can get a ton delivered = 60 40 lb. bags. If no one gets it tomorrow, we’ll ask about delivery. Ernesto to follow up.


·      Clara and Shana run new member orientation

·      Decide to do Open Hours sign-up ONLY in the orange book in compost toilet, to avoid problems tracking work

·      Committee hours (water, compost) get credit, but must organize with leader


·      Josh says pay your dues by June 15, cash or PayPal only

·      Allocates $12 for ladybug buy


·      June 9, Full Moon Soiree planned. Alisha invites all to come at 7 p.m., bring food for potluck-style dinner with grilling. There will be a ladybug release and plant trade.

·      Pass out form: What are you good at? Alisha gets info on who wants to lead educational talks this year.

·      Members talk about painting murals on shed doors.


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