Meeting Minutes from August 16, 2017

INTRO: What do you want to plant for fall?



  • Please chop weeds, anything invasive or covered in thorns go in the brown city compost bins
  • Please weed around your plots, mosquitoes are taking over the garden
  • 8/19 Workday – Craft Focus – Paint a sign for your plot, or help make one for Harvest Festival. We’ll also make smudge sticks and dipped-paint pots. Non-crafty folks can stick to general maintenance and clean up. A* will lead.



  • Harvest Festival, Saturday, September 23, 11am-3pm (not the 24th!)
    • Contest – compete with other gardeners for best produce, preserves, and in the Great Apple Challenge! Sign-up in person or email your submission to If you know any prominent foodies or local celebrities who can be judges, let us know!
    • Raffle – BQLT is letting us use their 501c3 tax certificate, which means all donations are tax-deductible! Raffle forms and flyers are available for distribution, update A* if you are going to ask someone, or would like us to
    • Help! We will be offering workday credits to everyone who works Harvest Festival. We also need gardeners to make baked good for our bake sale.
      Open hours will be available for those who clean and set up the garden. Sign-up in person or email
    • We need kids activities, any ideas?
    • Need to borrow folding chairs and folding tables from someone
  • Donation requests for supplies – Let us know if we can take these off your hands!
    • General: coffee canister, water dispenser, 3-ring binders, pH meter
    • 8/19 Workday: craft paints, brushes, cardboard or tarps we can get paint on
    • Harvest Festival: used books to sell! (bring on the day or or day before)



  • Please pay dues to J** in cash or to the Hollenback PayPal account



  • Green Thumb and Grow NYC events to earn credits and stuff for the garden
  • If you have a get together at the garden, you must inform garden membership, clean up afterwards, be kind to our neighbors (noise from the garden carries), and COMPOST (paper plates, napkins and all food scraps can go in brown compost bins)
  • Bushwick City Farm has a petition out to save their garden from development (



  • Hollenback is now on Instagram! Follow us and we’ll happily repost your Hollenback pics! Or email them to S**,
  • Facebook photos can also be sent to S**, we’re currently seeking before and after pics, if you have any of your plot, or the garden in general (or at least the “before”)


  • Water key – We aren’t the only garden with issues, many are complaining, BQLT will distribute new keys to every garden with this system soon. Did you know? Some gardens water their plots via fire hydrant!
  • September 16 – Open Gardens Day (aka Bike Tour) – all BQLT gardens must keep gates open from 11am-3pm. This is our scheduled workday, which helps to stay open, but should we consider switching the workday to Sunday instead?
    There is also an after party at Westbook Community Garden.
  • 2017 Goals: Respect Community & Membership, Grow membership



  • We need to have the garden open 20 hours per week
  • Wednesday 12-2, 4-6, Thursday 6-8, Saturday/Sunday 10-12, 12-2, 2-4
  • Make sure to have gate open when doing water committee work (fill barrels, water common area) to earn an open hour credit
  • Don’t forget to mark your name in the orange binder in the open hours calendar and/or water committee sheet



  • August 19, Saturday – Workday
  • September 19, Wednesday – Meeting
  • September 16, Saturday – Workday
  • September 23, Saturday – Harvest Fest
  • October 14, Saturday – Workday/Meeting
  • November 15, Wednesday – Meeting
  • November 18, Saturday – Workday



  • Stick around after the meeting to hear S*** and J*** discuss native plants and attracting pollinators. S**n recently attended a Greenthumb workshop on the topic and will share her notes.

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