Hollenback Minutes – April 21, 2018

Hollenback Community Garden Meeting 
April 21, 2018
Introductions: (see sign-in sheet) of committee leaders and all members.  There was lots of excitement today of past and new members. 
Membership requirements reviewed. Dues. 3 Meetings. 3 Workdays. 4 Open Hours. There are also different levels of membership. 2 people can act as one member. Only one member per household. Dues $10-50 per year (sliding scale). Join as a member between March 15-May 31.
Members get a key. Quorum is needed to vote on spendings of $250 plus.   Just a majority is needed for spending under $250. 
There are lots of ways to get in your time in addition to the standard requirements. For example, attend a BQLT meeting and report back to HCG meeting. 
For now, untiling banking gets sorted out, dues should be paid in cash or via pay-pal. 
Plots need to be planted by June 15.  Use them or lose them. 
Signing-off on bylaws by all in attendance 
HIstory of HCG and NYC/Brooklyn Community Gardens:  Connection to Green Thumb and BQLT for support and assistance with managing/insurance/water
Saturday, May 5 HCG will be hosting the BQLT meeting 
Review of season’s schedule:  Plant Sale next week – volunteers needed.  Baked goods are encouraged to be donated.  They bring in another revenue source.  
Events committee will send a survey about possible events and event updates.  Baked goods always welcome. 
Members can propose and lead educational talks.  
We are aiming for full-open hours on the weekends. Thursday’s 5-7 (spring) and 6-8 (summer) Friday’s 4-6.  Additional hours will be write-in the binder. 
Communal Herb Garden in the works – more info to come
Water Committee:  Communal plots always need watering.  Do not drink the captured water, it is only for watering the garden.  BQLT will hopefully be fixing the spigot and turned on by the end of the month. 
Garden Work Days 
Operations:  Review and of day’s work:  compost toilet, replacing wood in beds, clean up wood stacks, clean back shed, bench rehab, general weeding, overall cleanup, composting.  Plots assigned today. 
There will be a list of things To Do posted 
BQLT update 
Compost:  Pay attention to plastic bags and non-compostable materials to be place in the garbage and the brown bins. Brown bins are collected for composting by the city.  Ensure HBC has clean, easy compost (no dairy, meat, thorns, avocado/peach pits, etc).  

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