Meeting & Agenda May 15, 2018

Meeting Agenda May 15, 2018

  • What’s gardening things would you would like to learn more about?
  • Membership requirements are: Dues/ 3 Meetings/ 3 Workdays/ 4 Open Hours
  • The workday has been moved to Sunday, May 20 because of rain
  • Sun., May 20: Garden Workday, 11 am-3 pm at Garden
  • Sat., June 9: Garden Meeting & Workday, 11 am-3 pm at Garden
  • Wed., July 18: Garden Meeting, 6:30 pm at Garden
  • Sat., July 21: Garden Workday, 11 am-3 pm at Garden
  • Sat., Aug. 18: Garden Meeting & Workday, 11 am-3 pm at Garden
  • Wed., Sept. 12: Garden Meeting, 6:30 pm at Garden
  • Sat., Sept. 15: Garden Workday, 11 am-3 pm at Garden
  • Sat., Oct. 20: Garden Meeting & Workday, 11 am-3 pm at Garden
  • Sat., Nov. 10: Closing Workday, 11 am-3 pm at Garden    
Operations Committee Update
  • Workday priorities: sand, oil, and reassemble benches; rebuild beds; fix the compost toilet; clean back shed and Knack box; inventory supplies
  • Other things: install bat house; trellis for the grapevine.
  • Peter’s ordered a ton of compost/topsoil blend; he’ll know 10 days before it is delivered and will organize a special workday to move it in.
  • Sign painting: supplies in the back of the garden if you want to paint a sign for your plot. Also, we’ll put sandwich board out during workdays.
Membership Committee
  • Partying at the garden: please use good judgement and don’t cause trouble
  • Leave the gate open while you’re working, and be welcoming to folks
  • Apprentices needed to run herb garden, welcome garden, and kids garden
  • Pay your dues on a sliding scale ($10-50, cash or PayPal), to Robert Moskal by June 15th (cash dues to Winnie on Sunday workday)
  • The current balance of our account is approximately $4,400.
Events Committee Update
  • Plant sale: We paid off the seedlings, made $30, and got some to keep.
    • Bring house plants to the next workday for a plant sale
    • Complete events survey; talk to Clara and Vicky about ideas
  • Fundraising: Sidewalk Sale at Workdays, DIY Workshops
Other Business
  • Compost Committee: We need two additional volunteers to turn it
    • Please do not leave your empty plastic bags at the compost area.
  • Water Committee:
    • Put half a dunk ring in each water barrel—helps keeps mosquitoes out. If you get a dunk ring in your watering can, return it to the barrel.
    • Always close the barrels tightly to prevent mosquitoes breeding
  • BQLT Updates:
    • Encourage all members to attend BQLT meetings and events, meet representatives from other gardens, sign up for workshops, visit other gardens in the community.
Minutes – May 15, 2018

Introductions:  Went around introducing ourselves and say what we would like to learn more about.   Some topics were compost, bees/pollinators, general growing, companion planting, plant disease, etc.

Talk about bringing the Clinton Hill community members into the garden.  Postcards will be made to introduce people to the garden. They can be posted and distributed to garden visitors.
It’s a good idea to bring sunblock and insect repellant.  

Schedule: Review of this season’s schedule. See website for dates of workdays and meetings.
This week’s garden work day is moved to Sunday, May 20 due to rain forecasts.

Operations Committee: Reviewed weekend’s work agenda – benches, rebuilding of broken beds, compost toilet.  We need ideas for grape vine trellis.

Other projects on the horizon:  bat house, compost/topsoil will be deliver and will need a workday to distribute it throughout the garden, sign painting materials are available to plots and overall garden communication.

Membership rules reviewed.  HCG is NOT a private garden.  Keep gates open when in the garden.  Always be inclusive. No loud partying.  10 PM is about the latest time to be in the garden.  Be considerate of the neighbors. Use good judgement.

View of key policy.  1 work day and 2 meetings plus paid dues are needed before getting a garden key.

Remember to pay your dues:  Paypal online or in person in cash.  Pay dues on a sliding scale – $10-50.  BY JUNE 15

Current balance in garden fund is $4,440

signup for Garden Open Hours online via google Doc.

Volunteers are needed to help with the kids, herb and welcome garden.  Members who are on vacation could us help with their plots.

There are more free plants available.  tomatoes, peppers, local natives plants, tulip bulbs.  Next year, we need to plan for a bigger pickup from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden plant sale.  

A big Thank you for contributions to PS 20 – They now have Bees!

Events: Plant sale was a bit over a break-even success.  We will have more plant/bake sales.
Events Committee wants to hear your ideas. – Send in your ideas.

Harvest event aligns with the community block party.

Compost Committee needs to additional volunteers.  
Please do not leave plastic bags in the compost.  Take labels off your food scraps.
Use the city bins for meat, dairy, avocado pits, corn cobs, etc.  Do not place in garden compost.

Water: If you see standing water, empty it.  Water attract mosquitos.
Always close barrels tightly.

BQLT is the nonprofit that supports community gardens:  All members are encouraged to attend their meetings and events.  Report back and receive garden credits towards your members responsibilities.   

People’s Garden in Bushwick is a great garden to visit.  

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