March 20, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Hollenback Community Garden – Meeting Agenda March 2019



  • Welcome to the Hollenback Garden 2019 Season! Please share who you are, how long you’ve been in the garden, and one thing you’d like to grow this year.
  • Membership requirements are: Dues/ 3 Meetings/ 3 Workdays/ 4 Open Hour sessions

MINUTES: Printed out 25 agendas, had almost double the attendees interested.


  • Wed., March 20: Garden Meeting, 6:30-8 p.m. at Clinton Hill Public Library
  • Sat., April 27: Garden Meeting & Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden
  • Wed., May 15: Garden Meeting, 6:30-8 p.m. at Clinton Hill Public Library
  • Sat., May 25: Garden Meeting & Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden
  • Sat., June 15: Garden Meeting & Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden



  • We must elect 2019 Steering Committee members. Members in good standing can vote.

Here’s the slate:
1 Co-presidents: Need nominee

1 Ops Officers: Barack

1 Membership Officers: Rose

Events: Alisha

MINUTES: ALL NOMINEES VOTED ON AND PASSED WITH QUORUM Barak got 22 votes; Rose got 24 votes, Alisha got 20 votes.
Operations Committee Update:

  • At first workday, all members who qualify, pick your ‘plottery’ number & pick from available garden plots
  • Plant your plot by June 15th, or forfeit it
  • Early season goals include: cleaning up from winter, fixing the compost toilet, hooking up rainwater harvester, fixing doors of backyard shed, replacing old wood on garden beds, grapevine trellis

MINUTES: Explained plottery to members; Rose and Tara will contact those who qualify for a plot, and send them a map of available plots. Winnie suggests splitting large plots of Joe and Ruth, who have left, to make 4 plots, for parity. We agree to expand the footprint of each plot by several feet to make this feasible. Current members may keep these larger plots, but if they leave the garden, these plots will be subsequently divided in half, as they are 2/3 larger than most other available garden plots.

Membership Committee

  • Membership will pass out bylaws to be signed at second meeting
  • You agree to abide by Hollenback Garden regulations
  • Discuss member obligations for the season: 3 meetings, 3 workdays, 4 open hours and how members can fulfill these obligations

MINUTES: Bylaws sent out to new members via email, for their review and download. Basic garden operations are perfunctorily explained. Alternative ways to get hours, such as attending GreenThumb or BQLT events and reporting back, are shared. Members are encouraged to attend as many workdays as possible.


  • Pay your dues, on a sliding scale from $10-50, by June 15th. Pay overdues from 2018 immediately.

MINUTES: Robert collects outstanding 2018 dues; those who have not paid are in jeopardy of losing plot.

Events Committee Update

  • We will continue with educational talks before workdays; if you’re interested in learning about something or sharing your knowledge, speak with Alisha.
  • Fundraising Ideas: Plant Sale (grow our own seedlings and/or purchase from Go NYC plant sale), Sidewalk Sale during Workdays, DIY Workshop Ideas

MINUTES: Alisha welcomes members to share their expertise for 10-minute educational talks before scheduled workdays. She will plan food for the upcoming workday. She will also reach out to Block Association to see if they want to work together on Harvest Fest. They need funds to do so; she will discuss fundraisers with them.

Other Business

  • New York City Brown Compost Bins and what to put in them
  • GrowNYC Spring Annual Plant Sale
  • Greening Together at Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • BQLT Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 6, 9am-1:30pm, Brooklyn Job Corps | 585 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11205

MINUTES: Kim Lightbody will be our BQLT rep for the April 6th Annual Meeting. Yoni posted the bylaws on the website. He will post garden agendas and minutes there as well. Yoni and Membership will work together on a comprehensive member contact list.

Fun Stuff

  • Free seeds from Brooklyn Library! Stop by the Reference Desk in Central Library’s Society, Sciences & Technology Division (at Grand Army Plaza) for up to 3 free seed packets, when you show your library card