Hollenback Community Garden – Meeting Agenda June 15, 2019

Membership Committee
• Have you read the bylaws and signed that you will abide by them? Who still needs a key?
• Membership requirements are: Bylaws/Dues/ 3 Meetings/ 3 Workdays/ 4 Open Hour sessions
• How about this new Open Hours plan? We’ll focus on getting coverage for posted hours Sat-Sun 12-6 p.m.; in addition, all other 2-hour sessions will also be honored. For this to work, people need to sign up for these weekend shifts. NOTES: We voted unanimously to adopt this new Open Hours policy. Rose made an online sign-in, and Danielle F. will use whiteboard calendar to help gardeners fill weekend slots. But to get credit, you MUST sign into the book. Also, Shana said only 2 Open Hours workers can get credit per session, per the bylaws. Rose said she’ll be flexible in the unlikely event multiple gardeners show up for the same Open Hours shift.
• Can we share your contact info (no last names) with other gardeners? NOTES: Gardeners are in favor of this, as an opt-in system.
• Plant your plot by June 15th, or forfeit it. You’re welcome to use the seeds available on the compost toilet shelves.
• Membership will find a way to help you meet your goals! Track your requirements via: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M_IvsVcLi0gcmF7_NvozVk7VGPFpf3weKbMyzqSLRLA/edit?usp=sharing

• Pay your dues, on a sliding scale from $10-50, by June 15th.
• Receipts to Robert M. for reimbursement!

Events Committee Update
• We hold Educational Talks each workday; today’s is on Composting with Peter NOTES: Peter’s talk was attended by a dozen gardeners who learned composting steps and why it’s important to make ‘black gold’
• If you have a private event like a BBQ in the garden, let everyone know about it via our Listserve email hollenback_garden@lists.riseup.net, and clean up your mess! Take out trash! Be respectful of neighbors! Out by 10 p.m.
• Danielle F. invites all members to free Thursday Meditation at 7:30 a.m. across from garden at 453 Washington Avenue. http://www.StoopMeditation.com
• July 20 is Open Garden Day: Tea Party, Live Music and Free Meditation Class NOTES: Rose’s friend will play music, Danielle’s fried will play Harmonium
• We’ll be selling used books & some baked goods in front of today’s workday—we’ll need helpers to set up & tend to the shop NOTES: We discussed donating the funds raised–$60—to the Clinton Hill Public Library.
• We’ll order pizza at today’s workday! A BBQ will happen on July 20th
NOTES: We’ll be holding a July 12th Full Moon Soiree Potluck in the evening. Alisha also decided to hold Harvest Fest on the Oct. 19 Workday. GreenThumb Harvest Fest is scheduled for Sept. 28th, not in our garden, however.

Other Business
• Lock Protocol: When you enter the garden, attach the lock back to the gate.
• The hose is fixed so water stays ON all season. Just lift the lever at the spigot and close it when you’re done. Don’t use the key anymore–it strips the spigots.
• If you have problems or issues, don’t send them to the entire membership; please first try to get it resolved by writing the Steering Committee directly at hollenbackcommunitygarden@gmail.com
• Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/hollenbackcommunitygarden/
• Our website is https://hollenbackgarden.wordpress.com/
• Meeting Minutes at https://hollenbackgarden.wordpress.com/category/minutes/
• Our Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/31094141/hollenback-community-garden/ Anyone interested in being our Instagram person? NOTES: Christina V. and Kayleigh B. both volunteered to do this.
• Send any photos you’d like posted to us and we’ll put them up! (Please no close-ups of kids unless with prior parental approval).


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