Hollenback Community Garden – Meeting Agenda July 10, 2019

·       What’s growing in your plot that you didn’t plant (volunteers)? NOTES: People say horseradish, cherry tomatoes, wineberry, ground cherries, everyone says cilantro and dill sprouted where they didn’t plant it. Sara says Black Swallowtail butterflies will eat dill and cilantro, and we should let them.
·       Sat., July 20: Garden Workday + OPEN GARDEN DAY, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
·       Sat., Aug. 17: Garden Meeting & Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden
·       Wed. Sept. 18, Garden Meeting, 6:30-8 p.m. at Garden
·       Sat., Sept. 21: Garden Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden 
·       Sat., Sept. 28: HARVEST FEST 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden 
·       Sat., Oct. 19:  Garden Meeting & Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden
·       Sat, Nov. 16: Closing Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden
Operations Committee Update:
·       Workday Goals include: 
o   Weed and trim problematic limbs: assess tree on back shed: NOTES: Weed especially well by compost area. Barak called Kofi at BQLT to talk about the tree trimming—will have to work w neighbors to fix this issue
o   Level out area by new plots for accessibility
o   Clean compost toilet & move cone: check transformer re. fan. NOTES: Barak checked electricity with Maria’s fiancé, says the compost toilet is broken. We will need to get professional help to fix it. Check with Claire or former president Mark. A about who installed toilet and how to fix.
o   Open Hours sign for Front Gate: 10-6? 12-6? 12-4? What works? NOTES: Danielle says weekend sign-up going okay via a Wednesday email with an Excel doc, but mostly ppl signing up for 12-4. We’ll wait a few months to see what consistent coverage is before making front gate sign. Deema suggests Danielle send follow-up email highlighting open slots.
o   Watering – hose, barrels, watering cans, mosquito control: NOTES: Sara going to switch to all-white hoses for potable source of water, also going to purchase a new hose caddy. Sara says drain water from hose after use.
o   Who’s interested in cleaning Caterpillar and pix for library gift? NOTES: Heather, Raidy and Danielle interested in painting Caterpillar. Deema, Sara and Danielle interested in presenting book and doing reading at Clinton Hill Public Library-we’ll contact Librarian Tracey Mantrone.
o   Apprentices, what support do you need for The Farm? NOTES: Touch base with Emily on what help needed. Alisha says pick peppers or new ones won’t grow. Time to harvest greens.
o   Accessibility – talk to Sara if interested
·       Home Depot grant for grape arbor. Should we move forward with this?
·       Trash pickup is MWF, so we curb it on Sun and Tues, plus recycling and brown bins on Thursday. Thursday is now written on the brown bins, to remind you. 
·       Suggestion to donate proceeds from last workday to Clinton Hill Public Library, in the form of several copies of The Hungry Caterpillar. OK?
·       We really need a bin of sawdust. Can anyone get this for us? NOTES: Check with nearby Socks and Co. to donate this sawdust. Sara and Robert to do.
Membership Committee
·       Requirements are: Bylaws/Dues/ 3 Meetings/ 3 Workdays/ 4 Open Hours
·       Reminder: 28 people voted to try weekend Open Hours of Sat-Sun 12-6 p.m.; in addition, all other 2-hour sessions will also be honored. How’s that sign up going? Danielle is handling weekly emails for this.
·       Can we share your contact info (no last names) with other gardeners? NOTES: Membership please send an opt-out email, give people a week to opt out, then share the contact list with gardeners.
·       Anyone still need help planting their plot or with some other project? NOTES: When people ask to join, tell them it’s too late for this season though they are welcome to come to any workday and help us. Get their contact info for next year’s membership by CREATING A CONTACT PAGE IN BINDER.
·       Membership will find a way to help you meet your goals! Track via: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M_IvsVcLi0gcmF7_NvozVk7VGPFpf3weKbMyzqSLRLA/edit?usp=sharing
·       If you haven’t paid your dues, they’re PAST DUE $10-50. 
·       Receipts to Robert M. for reimbursement!
NOTES: New member Mark from Seattle says he has background in Forensic Acctng., look to him as possible new Treasurer for 2020.

Events Committee Update
·       July 20 is Open Garden Day: Tea Party, Live Music and Free Meditation Class. The Education Talk is on Edible and Non-Edible Weeds with Winnie. Drinks and eats celebrating the garden’s bounty. Need volunteers to bake or provide dips/spreads for sandwiches, snacks, tea NOTES: Sara to bring cashew cheese, Winnie to bring Watermelon Mint tea, others please bring crudites, sandwich toppings, or teas.
·       Summer Soiree changed: Date TBD, sometime in August.
·       Harvest Fest is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th. All hands needed for our annual fundraising event! We’ll need as many volunteers as possible and will send out a sign-up for specific tasks closer to the date. All workers get a workday credit. There will be a raffle, book & bake sale in the front, county fair style competitions, and much more. All ideas welcome! NOTES: Start to reach out to local businesses to donate raffle prizes, send suggestions to Alisha.
·       Greenthumb is hosting their annual Harvest Fair on September 21. 
·       BQLT is hosting a garden tour on September 14, details are TBD. NOTES: If BQLT tour comes through, we’ll host them. If not, let’s cover with Open Hours workers in case people come by for a tour.
·       If you have a private event like a BBQ in the garden, let everyone know about it via our Listserve email hollenback_garden@lists.riseup.net, and clean up your mess! Bag up and take out trash! Be respectful of neighbors! Out by 10 p.m. at the latest (ideally 9pm), and keep gates open at all times. 
 Other Business
·       Lock Protocol: When you enter the garden, attach the lock back to the gate
·       The hose is fixed so water stays ON all season. Just lift the lever at the spigot and lower it when you’re done. Don’t use the key anymore–it strips the spigots. Also, Sara says it’s best to coil up the hose after use so it won’t get hot.
·       If you have a problem or issue, please first try to get it resolved by writing the Steering Committee directly at hollenbackcommunitygarden@gmail.com 
·       Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/hollenbackcommunitygarden/
·       Our website is https://hollenbackgarden.wordpress.com/ 
·       https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/31094141/hollenback-community-garden/  is our Instagram page. Christina and Kayleigh will help run it.


NOTES: Mark and Frank ask what’s up with Dana’s plot—is it okay to weed it before the weeds take over and blow into their plot? Winnie will ask. 


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