Hollenback Community Garden – Meeting Agenda August 17, 2019


  • What’s growing best in your plot this season? NOTES: Many say tomatoes, for the win!
    • Mark: Japanese Egglpant
    • Rachel: Broccoli
    • Barak: Cucumbers
  • Neglect is working!

At the End Today:

Today’s “talk” is a plot tour of the Margaret Lamar Cooperative Farm.


  • Wed. Sept. 18, Garden Meeting, 6:30-8 p.m. at Garden
  • Sat., Sept. 21: Garden Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden 
  • Sat., Sept. 28: HARVEST FEST 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden 
  • Sat., Oct. 19:  Garden Meeting & Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden
  • Sat, Nov. 16: Closing Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden

Operations Committee Update:

  • Workday Goals include: 
    • Empty compost toilet; Barak needs 3 tough people to help! 
    • Paint Hungry Caterpillar: See Heather and Emily
    • Paint sign for Front Gate: Open Hours Sat/Sun 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
    • Add web address to metal sign on gate. Tape is in compost toilet.
    • Check fruit tree health: Pear, Fig, Apple, Raspberries
    • Rake welcome garden and clean out dead stuff, prune milkweed
    • Glue screens on water barrel holes, put dunk rings in barrels (½ ring) and Caterpillar (1 ring)
    • Give the big table in the front a sweep and light sanding 
    • Pull carrot weeds in kid’s plot; plant late-season crops: See Allison
    • Paint tool handles red; sweep out and organize the back shed.
    • Chop up wood in back for burn pile
    • Clear main path, cut back and/or tie stragglers
    • Rake out and evenly grade soil by Rachael’s plot
  • Home Depot grant for grape arbor. Should we move forward with this? NOTES: Members say it’s a big project for this late in the season—table it for next season? Talk to barak with questions or ideas.
  • How did the Aug. 10th reading day at the public library go? NOTES: There was a huge crowd, Deema, Sara and Danielle did Garden Story Time, read books on bees and gardesn, planted pots and celebrated the 50th anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Library wants to team up with garden again!

Membership Committee

  • Requirements are: Bylaws/Dues/ 3 Meetings/ 3 Workdays/ 4 Open Hours.
  • We are halfway through the season; check your tally! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M_IvsVcLi0gcmF7_NvozVk7VGPFpf3weKbMyzqSLRLA/edit?usp=sharing
  • Open Hours weekend pilot is going great; all 2-hour sessions count! NOTES: We are going public with this open hours now. Deema says it’s our service to the community to welcome people and keep it open. Danielle is sending out weekly emails
  • Open Hours task list now posted on the compost toilet door; do what you can. NOTES: It’s like a co-op shift, regular duties, get it covered if you’re going to miss one you signed up for.
  • Anyone still need help planting their plot or with some other project?
  • Communication: Would we like to have a Hollenback Message Board? NOTES: Members are amenable to trying a message board. Use first name, last initial, info will go out for swaps. Yoni offered to make message board for us.


  • If you haven’t paid your dues, they’re PAST DUE $10-50. 
  • Receipts to Robert M. for reimbursement!

Events Committee Update

  • The July 20th Open Garden Days was great! Alicia will give an update NOTES: Hottest day of the year, but amazing anyway! Had iced teas, cake, music.
  • Pot painting and sage bundles for Harvest Fest prep.
  • Harvest Fest is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th. All hands needed for our annual fundraising event! We’ll need as many volunteers as possible and will send out a sign-up for specific tasks closer to the date; all get a workday credit. 
  • There will be a raffle, book & bake sale in the front, county fair style competitions, and much more. All ideas welcome! Who can bake something? Please sign up. NOTES: Paper sign-up sheet went around at meeting. Remind those who signed.
  • Go thru your shelves now and bring books for Harvest Fest!
  • Who can lead kids activity during the Harvest Fest? See bin in compost toilet.
  • “State Fair” contest: blue ribbons for preserves, produce and pickles NOTES: Who knows any foodies or chefs to be a judge for Harvest Fest?
  • Greenthumb is hosting their annual Harvest Fair on September 21.  NOTES: The books that stay with us year after year it’s time for them to go. Robert volunteered to take them.
  • BQLT is hosting a garden tour on September 14, details are TBD.

 Other Business