April 2021 agenda and notes

Garden Contact for inquiries: hollenbackcommunitygarden@gmail.com
Listserv for educational opportunities, updates, etc.: hollenback_garden@lists.riseup.net

Hollenback Community Garden – Meeting Agenda April 17, 2021 at 11am

Icebreaker (Deema and Claire) 50 people attended

  • Introduce yourself
  • What motivated you to join a community garden? What does it mean for you to be part of a community garden? NOTES: People said to meeting the community, grow things, bc I have kids, to meet new people, learn about gardening, nice to see the cycle of life, passed garden and was interested, wanted to learn about composting, connecting with the community, get hands dirty.

Covid-19 and the Garden (Deema)

  • BQLT is leaving it to the discretion of gardens how to reopen. Hollenback will have a ‘normal’ season [events TBD]. All membership requirements are intact.
  • Masks must be worn at ALL times while in the garden, except when eating/drinking
  • Adhere to at least 6 foot social distancing criteria
  • Gate stays open when members are in the garden. Questions/concerns, see Claire and/or Deema directly. NOTES: Introduce yourself to people, say hi, connect, garden closed after dark, respect neighbors and keep noise down
  • No area/grill reservations in the garden. As a community garden, when member(s) are present, the space is open to all. Inform the garden as a FYI and be inclusive. All are welcome.
  • Garden closes after dark and we ask that social gatherings do not go past 10pm like all other NYC outdoor community spaces. This is in line with respecting neighbors and keeping noise levels down.

Membership Committee (Rose and Emily):

  • Membership requirements are: Dues & 3 Meetings/ 3 Workdays/ 4 Open Hour sessions
  • Bylaws NOTES: Emily sent around sheet for people to sign that they abide by bylaws.
  • Garden is open Saturday and Sunday, 10am-6pm; see online open hours sign-in sheet. NOTES: Sign into Blue Book for every event you do, even volunteering to run tours, etc.
  • Plottery today! All members who qualify, pick your ‘plottery’ number & pick from available garden plots
  • Plant your plot by June 15th, or forfeit it.
  • New members and being an apprentice. Apprentices get their key after 2 meetings / 1 workday / paying dues. Introducing Apprentice Coordinators. NOTES: Sandy and Monica running Farm
  • Any experienced gardeners interested in a little mentorship in helping apprentices plan their plot? NOTES: Spoke of Margaret Lamar’s legacy, Jane agrees to help Apprentices with any questions about growing

Operations Committee Update (Ernesto):

  • Workday plan: NOTES: Ernesto wants to get rainwater harvester hooked up, wood moved
  • Rebuild raised beds–separate workday; Raised bed lumber expenditure vote c. $800 NOTES: Vote approved by majority
  • Grape arbor expenditure vote: cost has increased from previously voted on $500 to c. $750. Need to vote to spend the extra money. NOTES: Vote approved by majority
  • Grow NYC seedling order: arrives May 1st. Plants will be on the wooden table, first come first served. We will send an email reminder when they are there. NOTES Neto needs one helper
  • Compost Committee, headed by Pat: call for volunteers! NOTES: Peter Mohr also on Compost Committee, volunteers are Moss, Stephanie, Alison, New Alicia, Anastasia
  • Water Committee: call for volunteers! NOTES: Volunteers are Sasha, Big Mike, Alliya.
  • Trash–M, W, F (take out Sun., T, Th–trash + recycling) NOTES: Volunteers Bob and Winnie
  • Plot maintenance (eg things overgrowing; surrounding pots)
  • Compost! No meat or animal products; no paper/wrappers; no avocado pits/stone fruit pits; no “compostable” compost bags. Please review the plaque above the compost and cover with a handful of greens and browns. Let’s keep critters at bay! Reminder: We cannot accept compost from the community (we don’t have the capacity). Garden member drop-off only! NOTES: No stickers , no stone fruit or pits, turn to get air in, Pat Mohr disposes of rats nest.

Treasurer (Mark; Claire to cover):

  • Pay your dues, on a sliding scale from $10-50, by June 15th. Use paypal: @HCGBK, or use paypal.me/HCGBK. Venmo is not an option.
  • Email garden related purchase requests directly to Deema and Claire for approval (send to Hollenback email above) prior to making any purchases. Once approved and purchased, send reimbursement materials to Mark.
  • Contact Mark at mark.c.lewin@gmail.com if you have any dues or PayPal issues or questions.

BQLT Updates (Eric and Dana):

  • Introduce Alonso, Hollenabck’s Garden Ambassador. Domica Roberts is the BQLT Program Manager. NOTES: Alonso and 2 visitors from Q Garden off Q train is our new contact point. Makes sure gardens are protected from developers, Garden Open Meeting is on First Saturdays, all are welcome,
  • Emails full of info from BQLT to come!

Events Committee Update (Andrea and Maria)

  • Garden tour for kids from Aozura
  • Visit on Wed. 4/28 and Thurs. 4/29; arrival btw 10-10:15am. NOTES: Winnie and Allison, need one more volunteer for Wednesday
  • Need volunteers! Helping with tour = open hours credit
  • We will continue with educational talks before workdays; if you’re interested in learning about something or sharing your knowledge, speak with Andrea and Maria. NOTES: Reach out and connect with our surrounding community, children and adult groups both.
  • Plant Giveaway: pick date in May NOTES: 20 people are interested, we still need to pick a date–is the workday simplest?
  • Fundraising Ideas: Sidewalk Sale during Workdays, DIY Workshop Ideas
  • Please start propagating house plants! People love them!!! 😀 NOTES: A garden member stared a propagation table setup next to Alisha and Sara/Robert’s path next to Don’s fence. Put giveaway plants for neighbors there.

Season schedule:

  1. Garden Meeting/Workday schedule:
  2. Wed. 3/17 at 6pm. Meeting (Virtual)
  3. Sat. 4/17 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
  4. Wed. 5/12 at 6pm. Meeting
  5. Sat. 5/15 at 11am. Workday
  6. Sat. 6/19 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
  7. Wed. 7/14 at 6pm. Meeting
  8. Sat. 7/17 at 11am. Workday
  9. Sat. 8/21 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
  10. Wed. 9/15 at 6pm. Meeting
  11. Sat. 9/18 at 11am. Workday
  12. Sat. 10/16 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
  13. Sat. 11/20 at 11am. Closing Workday

FURTHER NOTES: Sasha says someone cut all the raspberries by the fence down, now there will be no berries this season, please don’t cut unless you ask first. You’re only supposed to cut the very brown bits down at the end of the season, not beginning, and not the green branches. Be prudent. Jane says raspberries are amazing for pollinators, keep them