All member meeting minutes Oct 16 2021

Thanks to Andrea & Maria for a great Harvest Fest! We raised $477! Thanks Eric K for so much rat duty!

Reminder about leadership changes: 

  • DS was elected co-president
  • We’ll send an e-vote for the current open positions:
    • AS for BQLT rep
    • EL to extend his role in Ops for the 2022 season to help cover YR’s sabbatical
    • LW for membership
    • AL & KB for events
    • SM for treasurer
    • SW might be up for BQLT alt depending on her schedule

E will resend requirements tally. Please get your requirements done by Nov 20 (last workday).

Our balance is $4,200. In good shape.

M, D, C will do a prospective this winter of what we’ll need to spend next spring so that we’re well prepared.

Events: We’ll do a Halloween event on Sunday, have a table out front with candy, charcoal roast some marshmallows. Will send an email for volunteers (could this count as any missing credit — workday, meeting, open hours shift?).

Ops: today we’ll clean out leaves out front, make covers for the compost bins (take down the chicken coop and reuse the wood), weed edges of the paths. FYI: the toilet fan works again (with solar! After being broken for 7 years). 

Rats: haven’t seen many so switching to weekly rat duty. Please sign up in the spreadsheet, sign in, and put the tally in the spreadsheet.

Compost: all in favor of tabling until next spring (unanimous).

One more workday on Nov 20th!