March 2023 Membership Meeting Minutes

We have some voting to do. Claire is stepping down, so we need a co-chair. Kerri is applying. We need volunteers for Ops, one for membership, and perhaps events co-chair. Dana proposes we vote if we have quorum for any of these positions. We don’t so we need to do this virtually. Only 46 members are present and we need 2/3rds. Dana asks volunteers to email us if you want to volunteer and then we’ll hold an e-vote in the coming week. We need to do Ops very soon for planning the first workday. (Sat. 5/11) Liz mentioned splitting membership into two, one person to handle tallies, one person to handle apprentice plot and sub-committees. Discussion with Audrey if she would like to take over the Apprentice plot this year as co-chair on membership committee, but she declined. This is an open opportunity for anyone who wants to help get the apprentice plot up and going throughout the season.  

Reminder to leave the gate open while you’re there and close when you’re not. 

Liz discusses bylaws, requirements and steering committee information, that all are within the bylaws. She discusses where to sign in in the compost toilet to ensure everyone gets credit. She also reviews open plots and additional opportunities to take part (children’s garden, watering committee, etc.). Reminder and review about plot distribution this upcoming Saturday. 

Claire takes this on, reminding everyone that they can sign up for these opportunities. Water and compost committee members get extra credit for meetings (two of these sub committee meetings count as one meeting). In terms of the plants coming in, please leave some seedlings for apprentices to plant, too. Helen and Claire discuss a bit more about how to break down compost earlier in the process to help our compost break down easily. 

Helen runs through the above. No questions. 

Anastasia runs through the above. If anyone wants to attend BQLT membership meetings, they are held around BK. Christina points out that our garden will eventually host the BQLT meeting at one point and discusses what happens during those. 

Events is focused on just the June open garden day and the harvest fest as our two biggest events. Anything else will happen organically. Kerri runs through the above. 

Claire and Dana go through the protocols for using the email distro, encouraging to be mindful of not clogging peoples’ inboxes. Then we review the full season schedule, noting that Wednesdays and Saturdays are the two big days for meetings. 

Helen proposes a sign for taking out trash and recycling. Claire mentions that it should be there, the info is also on the stickers on the cans themselves.