April 2023 Member Meeting Agenda

Introductions (Kerri and Dana)

  • Welcome to the Hollenback Garden 2023 Season!

Steering Committee for 2023 season

  • Co-Presidents: Dana Skallman and Kerri Brewer
  • Ops: Looking Peter Brown (currently no co-chair)
  • Membership: Liz Wagoner (currently no co-chair)
  • Treasurer: Helen Johnson
  • Events: Alicia Berbenick (currently no co-chair)
  • BQLT Rep: Anastasia Standrik
  • BQLT alternate: Cristina Velez

Covid-19 and the Garden (Kerri and Dana)

  • Hollenback will be open as usual in 2023; we will monitor any Covid-related developments and make changes to our open status accordingly.
  • Gate stays open when members are in the garden.

Membership Committee (Liz):

  • Membership requirements for a plot or plot waitlist are: Dues & 3 Meetings/ 3 Workdays/ 4 Open Hour sessions
    • Memberships can be in pairs
  • Non-plot membership requirements, i.e. to have a key, are 1 meeting/1 workday/2 open hours sessions each season.
  • Garden is open Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm; gardeners complete open hours during these blocks or during other blocks of time. Open hours get recorded in binder in the toilet.
    • Expect an email for more details about open hour signup
  • Please sign the bylaws. By signing, you agree to the Hollenback Garden community agreements. You can sign online or in-person.
  • Plant your plot by June 15th, or forfeit it
  • New members and being an apprentice
    • Apprentices farm the Margaret Lamar community plot.
    • If you would like to become a member, sign in and also email: hollenbackcommunitygarden@gmail.com to let Membership know you’d like to become a member. Include your email address, phone number, name, and if you plan to share a membership your partner’s name and contact info.
  • Plots
    • We have one potentially open plot to distribute and one sabbatical plot (Barak’s). These will go to the next members on the waitlist, in order. We’ll distribute these after the meeting.
    • Plots are distributed each year in March in order of seniority. Those who do not have a plot this year, but remain members in good standing, will receive a plot next year in order of seniority with the garden.
    • We will hold a drawing for the waitlist with apprentices in July. The waitlist varies every year – there are currently 6 people who joined in 2022 who are still on the waitlist for a plot in 2024.
    • Bylaws explain how this works.
  • Listserv
    • There are three listservs: (1) Riseup listserv (full members only); (2) Apprentice listserv – hollenback-apprentices@googlegroups.com (for 2023 apprentices) and (3) a community listserv for former members and others interested in hearing about events at Hollenback.

Operations Committee Update (Peter):

  • Early season goals include:
    • cleaning up from winter
    • spring city water hookup (complete!)
    • detaching rainwater harvester from neighbors building
    • relocating solar panel from neighbor’s roof to garden
    • replacing beds
    • replenishing soil & wood chips
    • repairs & repaint shed
    • Repair, rebuild, repaint benches
    • Completing beehive platform and fence.
  • Compost Committee
    • Has to be turned. Need to find interested folks to coordinate. Let Peter know if interested!
  • Water Committee:
    • Simple — keep water barrels filled and put mosquito things in there. Let Peter know if interested!
  • Trash–M, W, F (take out Sun., T, Th–trash + recycling)
    • Take out one night before – note: new take out time is 8 pm.
    • Please take out if you see it full or fill it or if you grill or add food
  • Plot maintenance (eg things overgrowing; surrounding pots)
    • Please be mindful of things overgrowing and blocking walking ways and access to others’ plots.
  • Compost! Ours doesn’t get to heat that city compost used to so please no meat or animal products or paper. Please review the plaque above the compost and cover with a handful of greens and browns. Primarily, cover up the food to keep critters at bay.
  • Seedlings: GrowNYC order to come! We’ll send an email when they arrive. Also an order coming from GreenThumb.

Treasurer (Helen):

Treasury related questions/Paypal issues: hcgbk.treasurer@gmail.com. Do not email Helen directly.

  • Pay your dues, on a sliding scale from $10-50, by June 15th. Use paypal: @HCGBK, or use paypal.me/HCGBK. Venmo is not an option.
  • Email garden related purchase requests directly to Dana and Kerri for approval (send to Hollenback email above) prior to making any purchases. Once approved and purchased, send reimbursement materials to Helen.
  • Items that exceed $250 require community vote. Once approved and purchased, send reimbursement materials to Helen.

BQLT Updates (Anastasia and Cristina):

  • What is BQLT? www.bqlt.org
    • Brooklyn Queens Land Trust: 35 community gardens as members
    • Liability insurance, nonprofit status, city water, maintenance support
    • Protected land
  • Water is on!
  • BQLT Point People: Domica Roberts (BQLT) and Alonso Cordoba (our “Ambassador”)
  • Emails full of info from BQLT to come!

Events Committee Update (Alicia)

  • Open Garden event day is June 3rd. Please start propagating house plants! We will be giving them away during this event. Also consider bringing a baked good for sale. There will be a scavenger hunt for families. And if anyone would be willing to lead garden tours, please let us know! Formal Email to come with a sign-up sheet for the event.
  • May 20th, 11am-noon, we will have Kwesi Joseph, an urban gardens specialist from Cornell, in person to lead discussion and answer any questions anyone has on gardening best practices and plot maintenance.
  • Any news and events you’d like to be included for May’s newsletter please send to Hollenbackcommunitygarden@gmail.com, Attn: Alicia in the subject line.
  • On social media – tag @hollenbackcommunitygarden for any pics you would like featured. We’ll do our best to stay on top of reposting!

Email Protocols (Dana and Kerri)

  • Listserv purpose; Liz is the point person.
  • Only use listserv email for announcements and events that relate to gardening; ex: BQLT updates, events happening w/ Green Thumb, educational opportunities with BBG, watering requests, sharing gathering info with garden. Please do not reply all.
  • It’s NOT MODERATED so use sparingly.
  • Proposals, ideas, concerns, questions–send directly to Kerri and Dana (send to Hollenback email: hollenbackcommunitygarden@gmail.com) who will share with SC and respond accordingly.


  • We’ll read out loud. You can sign them online or in person at the meeting.

Season schedule:

  1. Sat. 4/22 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
  2. Wed. 5/17 at 6:30pm. Meeting (in Garden)
  3. Sat. 5/20 at 11am. Workday
  4. Sat. 6/17 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
  5. Wed. 7/19 at 6:30pm. Meeting (In Garden)
  6. Sat. 7/22 at 11am. Workday
  7. Sat. 8/19 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
  8. Wed. 9/20 at 6:30pm. Meeting (in Garden)
  9. Sat. 9/23 at 11am. Workday
  10. Sat. 10/21 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
  11. Sat. 11/18 at 11am. Closing Workday