Apprentice Gardener Vegetable Beds

To try and meet the enthusiasm and hard work of our apprentice gardeners, we voted to dedicate some plots for garden apprentice vegetable beds.

Long time gardener Rachel S. shared her gardening knowledge and the new gardeners built up the space, weeded, prepped the soil, planted, staked, and cleaned out a path to their bounty.

Great job everyone!


On Wed. 9/9  Cassandra, Tony, Joseph, and Elizabeth (Lizza) worked on staking tomatoes and weeding the plots.

On Sunday 9/13 Rachel S, Cassandra, Tony, Yodit, Dana & Joseph prepped the soil and planted spinach, lettuce & radishes. Also, Cassandra and Tony worked on clearing a path to the plot closer to the front of the garden; while Dana and Yodit rebuilt a retaining wall of the plot closer to the new composting area.


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