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Meeting notes: May 12, 2021

Garden Contact for inquiries:
Listserv for educational opportunities, updates, etc.:

Hollenback Community Garden – Meeting Agenda May 12th, 2021 at 6pm

Approximately 38 people attended
Thanks to Winnie, Allison L., Maria S., and Sandra who hosted the kiddo tour in April! NOTES: Also Monica; thank-you cards are in compost toilet, says Deema
Gratitude to Ernesto and Mark for being available for lumber delivery! NOTES: Lots of applause
Thank you Barak for supporting apprentices with the Lamar Cooperative Farm/Apprentice Garden!
HUGE thanks you to Ernesto, Y and Peter for building the new beds AND the amazing new grape arbor!
Thank you Rose and Emily for your energy, getting folks connected to Hollenback!
NOTES: Deema reminds people that garden closes at 10 p.m., keep noise down and be mindful of neighbors.
NOTES: Claire says they are going green and won’t be printing agendas much, they will email them to members who can print their own copy if necessary

Garden Proposals and Votes:
Chicken coop (Y) NOTES: Y proposes building a chicken coop at the bottom of the wooden shed, enclosing it in chicken wire with a walk-in ramp. He has four hens which are 1.2 years old, they will lay eggs at rate of 3-4 per day total until about 4-5 yo. He will need 3 people committed to taking care of them. Supplies to build the coop will cost about $150; food will cost $30-60 per month to an annual cost of $720 per year. They will need 5 gallons of water per week brought over in the winter. They are legal in City, but no roosters. QUESTIONS: Who brings water? We do/ How are the eggs? Big and incredible, they keep unrefrigerated for up to 3 weeks/ What about kids? Their coop can be carabiner locked/ Will we get input from neighbors? No, we’ll inform them.// Sara S. says we should notify them and the school ahead of time. Deema says they will work to build relationships with neighbors. Member asks what to do if it doesn’t work out? Y said many other gardens are interested, and in the end, they are chickens–you can always just eat them. Y asks for volunteers to mind chickens. THey are as follows: Jamie, Rose, Robert, Mark, Helen, Bob, Sandra, Kristina, Diane, Michele, Stacy, Migle.

Bee Hive (Tara) NOTES: Tara said she took BQLT class with Parks Department for past 2 seasons and has a free and complete beehive setup in the shed, plus free bees from Randall’s Island guaranteed, and the support of the NYC Beekeepers Assn. She has 25 years experience. Proposing hive next to shed with bees’ flight pattern directed upward. Tara said if we adopt her idea, we should make a donation to the beekeepers. She said they have no cost except medicine for bee diseases (up to $300 year). Possibly no honey the first year, but then 100 lbs of honey per year once established, only cost would be extractor and honey jars. BQLT encourages beekeeping, legal in the City since 2010. We would get Epi-Pens in case of stings. QUESTIONS: Sara S. asks if we talked to the school? Tara said she’s afraid of their irrational freakouts./ Rose asks will it help the planet? It will help our garden most, but is great for biodiversity/ Sasha said his wife has a bee phobia and won’t enter garden if there is a beehive. Asks if it’s OK for kids./ Vlada asks if City honey is toxic, Tara says no./ New member asks can we sell honey to recoup cost? Tara said yes, but wouldn’t it be funner to make mead or something with it?/ Emerson cautions that these are both long-term projects and notes that mostly new members are volunteering to help, and advises we talk to other BQLT gardens with bees and/or chickens to see how it works in the long-term./ Tara said it is easy to move bees if it doesn’t work out, but that she had planned to set them up where Y’s chicken coop is proposed. No workers needed to take care of bees/ Tara can do it all herself and will train whoever is interested in learning more about bees.


VOTES WERE CHICKENS: 36 Votes in Favor// 20 Member Votes –2 short of passing
BEES: 37 Votes in Favor// 21 Member Votes –1 short of passing

Sasha said it’s not fair to those not here; Deema and Claire consider running online vote, will decide Friday by noon.

Membership Committee (Rose and Emily):
Requirements, plot availability, and expectations.NOTES: You must do 3 meetings/ 3 workdays/ 4 Open Hours sessions. She explains Plottery situation, and Margaret LaMar Farm for apprentices
Garden Open Hours: Saturdays and Sundays, 10am-4pm NOTES: Rose reminds ppl that they MUST put their name in the Blue Book for any work they do, or it won’t be counted. This includes any Special Workdays, garden preschooler tours, classes etc. Sign in the the Special Workdays Tab, these Special Workdays must be pre-approved by the SC.

Operations Committee Update (Ernesto and Y):
Arbor and beds update NOTES: Peter, Y and Neto built, they will stain it this weekend and then lay marble along the top. They will dismantle old grill table and make a new cookout setup.
Workday plans NOTES: Plans to clean up the back area, get rid of weeds between plots, tidy up everything, clean back toolshed, and more. Charge and bring your power tools.
Compost: read the rules, cover your food! NOTES: Neto said don’t just dump your food, cover it well because there are rats coming from the construction next door at the school. Joyce said they are bothering her at her plot (consider consulting BQLT for rat traps; they offered in past).
Clean your garbage better from the back, food wrappers, etc..
NOTES: Y said the City Brown Compost Bins will be back in service by August for thorns, invasive species, and other items that are non-compostable in our garden compost

Treasurer (Mark):
CONTACT CHANGE: Contact Mark at if you have any dues or PayPal issues or questions. All correspondence about paying dues, reimbursement requests, etc. should be sent to Mark at this new garden address instead of his personal email.
Pay your dues, on a sliding scale from $10-50, by June 15th. Use PayPal: @HCGBK, or use Venmo unfortunately is not an option.
Email garden related purchase requests directly to Deema and Claire for approval (send to Hollenback email above) prior to making any purchases. Once approved and purchased, send reimbursement materials to Mark at Reimbursements are paid out via PayPal.
Events Committee Update (Andrea and Maria):
Plant Giveaway 5/16: 12-2pm. Need volunteers for 11:30-1 shift and 1-2:30 shift! NOTES: This has a lot of interest. Maria asks people to bring seedlings and house plant clippings to give away, says this is a nice way to bring the community together. She said that we will have a donation jar out in case ppl want to donate. She asks for volunteers in two shifts, here they are: SHIFT 1, 1130-1 p.m.: Michele, Amit, Allison, Mark, Rose, Joyce, Monica. SHIFT 2 1-230 pm: Lila, Dana, Michelle w/ 2 Ls, Lance.
BQLT Open Garden Day: 6/5 11am-2pm. Need volunteers to staff, give tours, bring baked goods, or any other garden activities (music? Informational talks?). NOTES: Maria asks Rose to perform music for this day, she says yes. Maria said she will ask for volunteers as it gets closer. Wants ppl to bring baked goods to give away, run educational talks if they are so moved.

MEETING CLOSED BY 7:20 p.m., members hang out and catch up afterwards.

Season schedule:
Garden Meeting/Workday schedule:
Wed. 5/12 at 6pm. Meeting
Sat. 5/15 at 11am. Workday
Sat. 6/19 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
Wed. 7/14 at 6pm. Meeting
Sat. 7/17 at 11am. Workday
Sat. 8/21 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
Wed. 9/15 at 6pm. Meeting
Sat. 9/18 at 11am. Workday
Sat. 10/16 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
Sat. 11/20 at 11am. Closing Workday

April 2021 agenda and notes

Garden Contact for inquiries:
Listserv for educational opportunities, updates, etc.:

Hollenback Community Garden – Meeting Agenda April 17, 2021 at 11am

Icebreaker (Deema and Claire) 50 people attended

  • Introduce yourself
  • What motivated you to join a community garden? What does it mean for you to be part of a community garden? NOTES: People said to meeting the community, grow things, bc I have kids, to meet new people, learn about gardening, nice to see the cycle of life, passed garden and was interested, wanted to learn about composting, connecting with the community, get hands dirty.

Covid-19 and the Garden (Deema)

  • BQLT is leaving it to the discretion of gardens how to reopen. Hollenback will have a ‘normal’ season [events TBD]. All membership requirements are intact.
  • Masks must be worn at ALL times while in the garden, except when eating/drinking
  • Adhere to at least 6 foot social distancing criteria
  • Gate stays open when members are in the garden. Questions/concerns, see Claire and/or Deema directly. NOTES: Introduce yourself to people, say hi, connect, garden closed after dark, respect neighbors and keep noise down
  • No area/grill reservations in the garden. As a community garden, when member(s) are present, the space is open to all. Inform the garden as a FYI and be inclusive. All are welcome.
  • Garden closes after dark and we ask that social gatherings do not go past 10pm like all other NYC outdoor community spaces. This is in line with respecting neighbors and keeping noise levels down.

Membership Committee (Rose and Emily):

  • Membership requirements are: Dues & 3 Meetings/ 3 Workdays/ 4 Open Hour sessions
  • Bylaws NOTES: Emily sent around sheet for people to sign that they abide by bylaws.
  • Garden is open Saturday and Sunday, 10am-6pm; see online open hours sign-in sheet. NOTES: Sign into Blue Book for every event you do, even volunteering to run tours, etc.
  • Plottery today! All members who qualify, pick your ‘plottery’ number & pick from available garden plots
  • Plant your plot by June 15th, or forfeit it.
  • New members and being an apprentice. Apprentices get their key after 2 meetings / 1 workday / paying dues. Introducing Apprentice Coordinators. NOTES: Sandy and Monica running Farm
  • Any experienced gardeners interested in a little mentorship in helping apprentices plan their plot? NOTES: Spoke of Margaret Lamar’s legacy, Jane agrees to help Apprentices with any questions about growing

Operations Committee Update (Ernesto):

  • Workday plan: NOTES: Ernesto wants to get rainwater harvester hooked up, wood moved
  • Rebuild raised beds–separate workday; Raised bed lumber expenditure vote c. $800 NOTES: Vote approved by majority
  • Grape arbor expenditure vote: cost has increased from previously voted on $500 to c. $750. Need to vote to spend the extra money. NOTES: Vote approved by majority
  • Grow NYC seedling order: arrives May 1st. Plants will be on the wooden table, first come first served. We will send an email reminder when they are there. NOTES Neto needs one helper
  • Compost Committee, headed by Pat: call for volunteers! NOTES: Peter Mohr also on Compost Committee, volunteers are Moss, Stephanie, Alison, New Alicia, Anastasia
  • Water Committee: call for volunteers! NOTES: Volunteers are Sasha, Big Mike, Alliya.
  • Trash–M, W, F (take out Sun., T, Th–trash + recycling) NOTES: Volunteers Bob and Winnie
  • Plot maintenance (eg things overgrowing; surrounding pots)
  • Compost! No meat or animal products; no paper/wrappers; no avocado pits/stone fruit pits; no “compostable” compost bags. Please review the plaque above the compost and cover with a handful of greens and browns. Let’s keep critters at bay! Reminder: We cannot accept compost from the community (we don’t have the capacity). Garden member drop-off only! NOTES: No stickers , no stone fruit or pits, turn to get air in, Pat Mohr disposes of rats nest.

Treasurer (Mark; Claire to cover):

  • Pay your dues, on a sliding scale from $10-50, by June 15th. Use paypal: @HCGBK, or use Venmo is not an option.
  • Email garden related purchase requests directly to Deema and Claire for approval (send to Hollenback email above) prior to making any purchases. Once approved and purchased, send reimbursement materials to Mark.
  • Contact Mark at if you have any dues or PayPal issues or questions.

BQLT Updates (Eric and Dana):

  • Introduce Alonso, Hollenabck’s Garden Ambassador. Domica Roberts is the BQLT Program Manager. NOTES: Alonso and 2 visitors from Q Garden off Q train is our new contact point. Makes sure gardens are protected from developers, Garden Open Meeting is on First Saturdays, all are welcome,
  • Emails full of info from BQLT to come!

Events Committee Update (Andrea and Maria)

  • Garden tour for kids from Aozura
  • Visit on Wed. 4/28 and Thurs. 4/29; arrival btw 10-10:15am. NOTES: Winnie and Allison, need one more volunteer for Wednesday
  • Need volunteers! Helping with tour = open hours credit
  • We will continue with educational talks before workdays; if you’re interested in learning about something or sharing your knowledge, speak with Andrea and Maria. NOTES: Reach out and connect with our surrounding community, children and adult groups both.
  • Plant Giveaway: pick date in May NOTES: 20 people are interested, we still need to pick a date–is the workday simplest?
  • Fundraising Ideas: Sidewalk Sale during Workdays, DIY Workshop Ideas
  • Please start propagating house plants! People love them!!! 😀 NOTES: A garden member stared a propagation table setup next to Alisha and Sara/Robert’s path next to Don’s fence. Put giveaway plants for neighbors there.

Season schedule:

  1. Garden Meeting/Workday schedule:
  2. Wed. 3/17 at 6pm. Meeting (Virtual)
  3. Sat. 4/17 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
  4. Wed. 5/12 at 6pm. Meeting
  5. Sat. 5/15 at 11am. Workday
  6. Sat. 6/19 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
  7. Wed. 7/14 at 6pm. Meeting
  8. Sat. 7/17 at 11am. Workday
  9. Sat. 8/21 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
  10. Wed. 9/15 at 6pm. Meeting
  11. Sat. 9/18 at 11am. Workday
  12. Sat. 10/16 at 11am. Meeting and Workday
  13. Sat. 11/20 at 11am. Closing Workday

FURTHER NOTES: Sasha says someone cut all the raspberries by the fence down, now there will be no berries this season, please don’t cut unless you ask first. You’re only supposed to cut the very brown bits down at the end of the season, not beginning, and not the green branches. Be prudent. Jane says raspberries are amazing for pollinators, keep them

Hollenback Update – June 2020

Dear Gardeners,

I hope you are all safe and hanging in there. The Steering Committee met on Zoom this week and we have some updates we’d like to share with you, for better and safer enjoyment of our community garden this season.

We need to keep non-members from entering the garden. I painted “Closed” on the other side of the “Open” hanging on the garden gate, but please remember to LOCK YOURSELVES IN when you enter the garden. That way no one can walk in after you, and you won’t have to explain to them the BQLT protocol. This is an insurance issue, so don’t jeopardize our umbrella organization by allowing in non-members who may not be covered in the event they get sick after their visit. If they want to join, they are welcome to join us next season.

Remember to wear a face covering in the garden; there are extra blue City bandanas in the compost toilet, if you forget. And refill the Handwashing Station with the hose if it’s empty. Keep hands washed & tools cleaned.

The water is now ON for the summer. Please DO NOT USE THE KEY to turn it on and off; USE THE LEVER at the source. Wrap up the hose on its holder when you are done, and rinse it off. Then turn off the water via the lever when you leave. Emerson is working on Water Committee this summer, filling up the big barrels to water your plot. There is not much in the rainwater harvester. (Note: Dunk rings have been added to all the barrels. Do not add more unless instructed. Each barrel only needs one-half a dunk ring {it looks like a sawdust donut}. If it gets in your watering can, just toss it back in the barrel).

If trash or recycling bins are full, please bag it up and take out trash out on Thursday. There is no janitor, so please pitch in to make sure this stuff gets to the curb. Blue bags for recycling and black for trash, both are on the second shelf of the compost toilet. There are brown paper bags for natural items too invasive or big for our in-house compost bins.

Peter’s Compost Team is turning compost every two weeks. If you are bringing your compost from home to the garden now, please remember no meat, cheese, or soiled paper, and no tags on fruits. Please remove the compost from the bag when you dump it (even biodegradable bags), throw the bag into the trash, and cover your compost ‘offering’ with a pitchfork full of browns and greens. If you’re using this service regularly, consider signing up with Peter or Pat to work a shift turning the compost.

Ops also needs volunteers for two-person workdays with E or B to lead, for the following jobs. Contact them if you’re able to help with these projects: Raised Bed Repairs// Metal shed painted white for summer// Two new barn doors for wooden back shed// Grape arbor constructed and installed// Deadhead rose bushes// Clean and organize compost toilet//Clean area next to compost toilet.

Ops has two projects they are working on this season: bed repairs, and plant giveaways for neighbors. Since you will all need to vote to approve the budget for these, B and E will send a separate email with information, cost, and voting procedures.

We are launching a pilot program of Back Porch Grilling via sign-up sessions. The back stone patio is set up for grilling, with grills, implements, charcoal and lighter fluid, an ash can, a handwashing station and plates and napkins in plastic weather-protected tubs. Please bring your own charcoal if you are able, as we only have a limited amount on hand.

Guests can sign up, first-come first-served via our website for a three-hour session to enjoy the grilling area. The scheduled sessions are Monday through Friday from 5-8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 12-3 p.m.// 3-6 p.m. // 6-9 p.m. Let’s get everyone out of the garden by 9 p.m., to keep good relations with neighbors.

Attendees must be your FAMILY MEMBERS or QUARANTINE BUBBLE ONLY! Maximum number of attendees to equal six people, and this six people won’t count toward the 10 active gardeners. You must show up and leave at the proscribed times, and you must leave the area clean. If the trash is full, you must bag it and take it to the front. If the grill is full of ashes and dead coals, you must dump them in the ash can. No one is coming to clean up after you, so please agree to dispose of your mess or do not participate.

Your group must stay in the back area and keep in your grilling ‘bubble’ for social distancing, so that other gardeners can use the remainder of the garden to work on their plots, etc. Keep your bubble together until your time is over, and leave people access to the back shed for gardening tools.

Steering Committee has also determined that evening bonfires are allowed. Please respect our neighbors, especially Don whose window is right near the fire pit, by keeping the fire small and keeping your conversations quiet. Keep your mask on and retain social distancing by staying on separate benches with your quarantine bubble. Don’t add more wood if you are planning to leave; make sure there are no flames in your fire before you go, make sure the coals are covered and the lid is on if they are still burning. Keep the fire pit in the middle of the patio, away from flammable items and away from the neighbors’ home.

Membership has finished the Virtual Plottery, and all new members now have a plot. Some folks were paired up in larger L-shaped plots, which we may continue to do in the future. Jeffrey is running the Apprentice Farm; members sheltering outside the City can plug in there upon their return. When the crops come in, Membership and Events will work with Jeffrey to provide extra food to those experiencing food shortages.

Our Events Team of A and M will work with Rose to create Educational Zoom Talks on issues of planting, weeding, T on beekeeping, and plot tours. Consider bringing your phone next time you go to the garden, and doing a less than two-minute ‘plot tour’ where you video close-ups of your plot and what you are growing, for people who are cooped up inside to see. We will post these to our Facebook page. Events will also look into ways to hold a Virtual Harvest Fest in the Fall. Let’s also work on reaching out to new members for 2021, so our community garden more accurately reflects the diversity of our neighborhood. Talk to your neighbors, let them know they are welcome here next season.

Meeting Agenda Oct 19, 2019


  • What’s been your favorite part of this season? NOTES: Andrea: Harvest Fest/ Rose: Trellis/ Rachel: Support system/ Liz: Memorial Day/ Christina: Getting a plot/ Barak: Apprentice garden/ Tara: Summer afternoons/ Maria: Her bday bbq/ Robert: meeting new people/ Jefrrey: Sharing plot w Dana/ Y: Less bugs this year/ Claire: Seeing her daughter play in garden/ Jane: the apprentice plot


Educational Talk:

Today’s talk is Barak on our Rooftop Rainwater Harvester (Hungry Caterpillar) NOTES: Barak, Damian and Y ended up disconnecting the harvester and bilge drain for winter



  • Sat, Nov. 16: Closing Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden

Operations Committee Update:

    • Rake welcome garden and clean out dead stuff
    • Paint tool handles red; sweep out and organize the back shed.
    • Compost toilet: clean up interior, move cone
    • Post sign on Front Gate
    • NOTES: Barak brought Seed Saver seeds for people to use. CK w BQLT to see if we are covered for those in the garden during winter (emailed 10/21


Membership Committee

  • It’s time for Steering Committee elections. We’ll need to elect: A new president or 2 co-presidents; a new Treasurer, 1 new Ops person; 1 new Membership person; 1 or 2 Events people; and a new BQLT Rep. Let’s nominate people and vote on the incoming Steering Committee, so new folks are ready to go next Spring.
  • NOTES: elections were held Here are the results Quorum was 23 people. Treasurer: Mark/ Ops: Ernesto/ Membership: Danielle/ BQLT Reps: Tara and Eric/ Events: Maria and Andrea/ Provisional Co-Presidents (they asked that we vote again in March, so they are sure their schedules will permit): Deema and Y. Current Steering Committee Reps will share info with you over winter.
  • Requirements are: Bylaws/Dues/ 3 Meetings/ 3 Workdays/ 4 Open Hours.
  • Open Hours task list now posted on the compost toilet door; do what you can.
  • A list of members contact information is now available for all gardeners.



  • If you bought something, give receipts to Robert M. for reimbursement! NOTES: Robert successfully  moved our account to Carver Bank, so that we can now access money and hand off Treasurer responsibilities. All is required is to provide proof via our agenda that a new person has been elected. Robert is still resolving PayPal issues to this account.

Events Committee Update

  • The Harvest Fest was a hit! We raised $1,000 from the raffle and sales. NOTES: November 2nd is big BQLT Harvest Fest Event.


 Other Business

Meeting Agenda Sept 18, 2019

Hollenback Community Garden – Meeting Agenda Sept 18, 2019



  • What would you like to do at Harvest Fest? NOTES: Peter to take pizza orders, Emily on Store or Kids Activity, Josh to bring books, Claire Mike camping


At the End Today:

Saturday’s “talk” is Strategies for Dealing with Plant Fungus and Blight by Rose NOTES: Talk actually will be called Hearbreak Cucurbitate



  • Wed. Sept. 18, Garden Meeting, 6:30-8 p.m. at Garden
  • Sat., Sept. 21: Garden Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden 
  • Sat., Sept. 28: HARVEST FEST 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden 
  • Sat., Oct. 19:  Garden Meeting & Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden
  • Sat, Nov. 16: Closing Workday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Garden

Operations Committee Update:

  • Workday Goals include: 
    • Paint sign for Front Gate: Open Hours Sat/Sun 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
    • Get us ready for Harvest Fest! Clean grills, put up signs, etc.
      —need someone to post fliers around neighborhood & chalk sidewalk, plant succulents, rewrap loose smudge sticks, package seeds
    • Add web address to metal sign on gate. Tape is in compost toilet.
    • Rake welcome garden and clean out dead stuff, prune milkweed
    • Paint tool handles red; sweep out and organize the back shed.
    • Help make path accessible for next week’s event—clear main path, remove weeds & cut back and/or tie stragglers, dead branches
    • NOTES: Barak says everyone must clean up the paths between their plots and make sure it’s passable with no vines.


Membership Committee



  • If you haven’t paid your dues, they’re PAST DUE $10-50. 
  • Receipts to Robert M. for reimbursement! NOTES: Josh says he’d like receipts, Frank M. says he has a book of carbon receipts he can donate. Alisha asks Y to put a Donate Now button on the website.

Events Committee Update

  • Harvest Fest is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th. All hands needed for our annual fundraising event! We’ll need as many volunteers as possible, please sign up; all get a workday credit. Flexible hours—early & late shifts available
  • Raffle tickets are available now $1 per ticket, see Alisha at the meeting or workday. If you can help sell raffle tickets in advance—let us know
    A book & bake sale in the front, county fair style competitions, and much more. Who can bake something? Please sign up & invite friends, neighbors, family
  • Go thru your shelves now and bring books for Harvest Fest! Extras to NYPL.
  • Heather and Radie, let’s check the bin in compost toilet for supplies for our Kids Activity for the workday. Who else can help with this?
  • “State Fair” contest: blue ribbons for preserves, produce and pickles, baked goods using 1 ingredient from the garden. Please participate! We’ve got some great judges. Judging is at 12:30pm, will move baked goods out front to sell after NOTES: Judges include Ben from Brooklyn Grange, Sawdayah from BQLT, Suzanne Debrango from Block Association, and Sen. Velmanette Montgomery
  • We’ll have a Sept 21 Workday BBQ with roasted corn and BBQ chicken–bring anything else you’d like grilled. Also, Winnie and Tara will set up a ‘smoker’ grill to smoke fish under cherry and hickory chips. Anyone want to smoke anything?
  • NOTES: Alisha putting fliers in Compost Toilet for people to hang up, she also sent email version for people to post on their social media. Please put up fliers around neighborhood, need someone to pass out small fliers at Saturday Farmer’s Market, and to chalk it up (let’s do this on Sept 21st as well). Josh suggests putting flier at gate of Pratt University. There will also be face painting, Eric will donate a tablecloth, paper plates and cups

NOTES: Frank M., Mike M., and Winnie M planning an October 19th Workday Cooking Demonstration, the results of which will then become lunch. Community is welcome.


 Other Business

Get ready for Hollenback’s 2019 Harvest Festival!

Hollenback Community Garden’s annual fundraising event, Harvest Festival, takes place on Saturday, September 28, from 11am to 3pm. Meet the gardeners and take a tour, enjoy pizza from the grill, shop in the pop-up shop, and listen to live music by the Clinton Hillbillies!


Pizza – We’ll be selling pizza slices made on the grill, with toppings, including herbs from the garden


New & Used Books (Donated by garden members)—including many NEW Releases!
Baked Goods (Baked by garden members)
Garden-Sourced Goods—Potted Succulents, Smudge Sticks, Seed Packets


Guests can enter to win prizes from a variety of businesses, including Olea, La Rina Pastificio e Vino, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Alamo Drafthouse, Shake Shack, Sprout Home, Oslo Coffee, and more! Raffle tickets are $1 each, and winners do not need to be present to win. Raffle takes place at 2:30pm.


Kick back and enjoy live music by the Clinton Hillbillies! Music starts at 1:30pm.


Free face painting and crafts! Kids of all ages can decorate flowerpots and make a houseplant to take home.


Take some daffodil bulbs with you to plant in your neighborhood, and help beautify your block! Bulbs are courtesy of the New Yorkers for Parks Daffodil Project.


Hollenback members will compete for Best Produce (tomatoes and more!), Best Preserves (jams, sauces, pickles!), and a Bake-Off. All goods must include at least 1 ingredient from the garden. The contest is limited to members and apprentices of Hollenback Community Garden. Judging takes place at 12:30pm.