The Triple Threat Saturday September 26th

The Fifth Annual Triple Threat!


The results of this year’s fundraiser… 

Hollenback raised $389.33 in the Yard Sale/Bake sale.  

We also sold $150 worth of the new Hollenback T-shirts.  

Add $65 more in Donations, and the garden earned $604!


Thank you to State Senator Velmanette Montgomery for your visit!

Thank you to former State Senator Anna Jefferson for your donation of grillables!

Thank you to all our friends and neighbors for your presence!


Special Thanks to all the gardeners who pitched in to make this day such a fun success!  

Three cheers to Deema, Dana, Roma, Mohammed, Rachel, Anabelle, Kirk, Peter, Vlada, Gina, Khalil, Ruth, Kate, Hannah Marie, John Ryan, Maggie, Tony, Cassandra, Joe, Marissa, Sarah, Emerson, Hannah, Lorne, Ally, Emmett, Dahlia, Ingrid, Judy, Stephanie, Carmen, Lizza, Ms. Covington, Margaret, Michael & Mark. 















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