Meeting Minutes – 06/14/2017

June 14, 2017                                  Garden Meeting Notes

12 ppl attend, held at Hollenback Garden

Intro: Josh. How long have you been a gardener and what are you growing?


  • Chop up your weeds; don’t leave on the side of the greens bin
  • Cover your compost with browns or greens! Or, take them to Fort Greene Farmer’s Market on Sat. mornings, or Fulton/Clinton Monday 7:30-9 a.m.
  • Weed what needs to be weeded
  • Plan to rebuild beds and expand welcome garden : Sara Stopek
  • Fill water barrels
  • Organize winter shed; combustibles stored safely
  • Turn compost
  • Restain benches on weeknight workday: Ben will lead
  • Emerson says, thin roses, keep walkway clear
  • Cut back butterfly bushes and weed herb garden


  • Full Moon Soiree was a success! 20 ppl attended, ladybugs released
  • Ben from Brooklyn Grange attended, and contributed a dozen plants
  • Harvest Fest date set for Sunday, Sept 24 to coordinate with Block Party
  • We’re having an Edible/Non-Edible Weed talk on Saturday’s workday


  • Pay your dues to Josh by June 15; use PayPal if you have to


  • Unclaimed plots will be divvied on Saturday, or we’ll plant melons
  • We’re buying mulch for common areas; we’ll have it delivered and hold a special mulch spreading workday
  • Shana will ask City for brown recycling bins for larger compost items
  • Ask BQLT rep to call BQLT and ask about compost
  • Apple tree in Joe’s plot will go to Miss Margaret’s house on Workday
  • Deema volunteers to relocate her blackberry bush


  • Wed: 12-2/ 4-6
  • Thurs: 6-8
  • Sat/Sun: 10-12/ 12-2/ 2-4

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